RAD Laboratories Colombia SAS

RAD Laboratories Colombia SAS is based in Cali Colombia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent Canadian company RAD Laboratories Inc. We specialize in standardized, medicinal-grade Cannabis Plant Concentrates and Hemp Plant Extracts for wholesale distribution into national, and foreign markets.

We process and purify the finest quality of THC and CBD crystallites, distillates, and concentrated forms of cannabis oil extracts, as well as customized ratios of CBD’s and THC formulations that have all been developed from naturally grown and sustainably produced cannabis.

The Government of Colombia has developed a legal framework, formalized by presidential decree on December 22, 2015 that codifies the path by which companies can apply for, and obtain, cultivation, transformation, and exportation licences for scientific and medical purposes.

The creation of “export licenses” now gives cannabis producers the right to sell their products to countries where cannabis-based medicines are legal.  The new Decree, has literally opened the doors for the production of cannabis-based medications specifically for distribution into international markets.