Caucannabis Medicinal SAS

On April 10, 2017 the Ministers of Health, Justice, and Agriculture signed the Decree 613 regulating the medical marijuana industry in Colombia. The document which was signed by the president, and the minister of health, regulates the possession of seeds and plants as well as their production, distribution, marketing and exportation ”strictly for medical and scientific purposes.”

The bill stipulates that “The State, must support the economic initiatives for the production, processing, and distribution of products derived from cannabis plants developed by Indigenous peoples for medicinal and scientific purposes.”

RAD’s Vision: As the world embraces medicinal cannabis and international trade becomes a reality, RAD’s relationship with the Indigenous peoples within Colombia combined with our scalable production capacity, offers significant advantages over all of our competitors.

In working together with our Indigenous partners in the northeastern region of Cauca department, it is RAD’s intent to supply the global community with standardized, medicinal-grade oils, distillates and concentrates whose natural plant genetics have been developed through extensive cultivation prior to commercial extractions.

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